Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Today we left Haiti...

To be honest I feel as if we're leaving with work still to be done. 

I guess in a sense we still have more to do. What we started at EBO is far from finished and we need to continue meeting and working on what to do next. We will do this and we will figure it out. I can only imagine if we really can pull of providing them with leadership training and support. The good news is Murph goes back every month and can help continue the work. 

This trip was so different from last year. It was more raw and we really saw first hand just how hard life can be. 

Despite all this Haiti still amazes me. The people are survivors, determined to keep going despite all odds. 

Haiti has a weird and magical pull for us.  Its definitely a place we will try to continue to work in some capacity. 

Despite the struggle there is so much beauty to be found. All I can think of is the phrase you hear so much of down there: "this is Haiti."

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Today is a new day!

This morning we had a little 'culture day'. Drove into Port au Prince to buy suveniours and have lunch. We went to lunch at a local resort that included a pool! This was welcomed by the entire group. We also had pizza for was pretty good!

After a little reprieve we went back to EBO.

The plan for today was simply to see if they are even interested in doing anything at all with us.
We get there and immediately get out team together.  We sit down with them separately of everyone else.  Long story short, they were still thinking about what we said to them! After our conversation Joseph led us in prayer where he asked for this to take hold of him so they all could change for the better. Also, after talking to Mama A. we learned that the behavior did change a bit last night...for the better.
We need this news...we were finally getting somewhere! And we leave tomorrow.....

This is the most hopeful I've felt about EBO. They were finally receptive of us and what we had to give them. This was no easy the real work starts. We have to figure out a way to support them from Indiana.


Haiti-a magical place

Haiti-RBBL suitcase

Thanks to the students at Jefferson Middle school we were able to bring down 50 French/English books, school supplies, and comfort items to Haiti.  Thank you kids! Your hard work effected so many people!

Here's where they all went:

WCH clinic waiting room
CHE Training
Siblings of our Translators

Haiti- Our new friends

We met so many amazing people this year. Every single villager we talked to and the kids at EBO will remain in my heart and on my mind.  I won't soon forget their words, laughs, and smiles. Haitians to me represent true survivors.  They show what people can really endure.

The staff at WCH are great. I've never eaten more amazing food and they cooked breakfast and dinner for us each day.  You will never go hungry in that house.

Our translators: Ducky, Ande, Tito, Charly, and Johnson are priceless.  This group of guys fully understand our mission and are willing to step in at anytime we need them.

Rachel is the american who runs the new clinic. She is new to living in Haiti but has the capacity to really change lives.  She is carried by her faith but is fearless to get her hands dirty and step up for what she needs.  No doubt she will be successful.

Reginold is the 3 year old son of our security guard.  He is the friendliest kid you will meet and amazingly cute! He's wearing the shades in the pic below.

Haiti-The Team

We could not have asked for a better group to travel with. Everyone has been hard working, easy going, and committed to being of service to Haiti.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Today was our EBO work day. Did not go as planned......

We get to EBO and James and Murph start talking to the Mama's to explain what we had planned for today. This little intro turned into a 2 hour discussion in a hot little room where we learned that our leadership team was the bulk of the problem at this orphanage. They basically are not being good role models for all the younger children and the Mama's feel that if they would change their behavior then the younger children would follow suit.

Imagine our defeat..... great, so the kids we were going to train and empower to lead this place are the problem! What! of course.... nothing can ever be easy. So we threw our plan out the window (well, just left it on the bus) and had to start over right then and there.

But let me back up just a bit.... while James and Murph were having their discussion I got to have a little fun. For some reason today, several of the younger children were home from school early. We got them all gathered around the table to make salvation bracelets. These are the bracelets with the colored beds that represent how Jesus died to save us from our sins. We started off by discussing what each bead meant and why it is important and then helped them all make their own bracelet. They actually seemed to understand and enjoyed making the bracelets. After that we colored and played soccer.

Ok back to the leadership training...

After the discussion with the Mama's I came in for a little of what we call Good Cop, Bad Cop. The four 'leaders' came in and sat with us and Murph was bad cop and James was good cop. They were a pretty amazing team. We spent another hour having a true 'come to Jesus' moment if you will. We just wanted to hear their side of what is going on and maybe find out why they feel the need to have poor behavior. At first we had just blank stares but eventually they opened up and discussed how they feel. We ended up having a conversation about respecting those put in leadership over you and how they can step up and be role models for the younger kids.

Outside, the younger children were starting to melt down. At this point it was about 5pm and our presence prevented afternoon nap time from taking place. All members of the team were being pushed emotionally and physically. We wrapped up on conversation and headed home, perplexed and unsure of what to do next.

 We need to think and sleep. One thing is for sure.... we need to come back tomorrow.